Sunday, April 14, 2013

Challenge 5

Blogging Challenge
Challenge 5 – Secrets

What could the secret be that is hidden in the forest?

1. It might be a hermit that has remained in the forest for a long time and doesn't like people so he hides when people come.
2. It might be a secert little clearing with a waterfall and endandgered plants and/or animals that live there that you can see.
3. It might be a really rare or big plant or animal that is only found in that area.
4. It could be a cave with crystals that sparkle and shimmer when light hits them in just the right way.
5. It might be a pond or lake that has endangered freshwater animals living in it.
6. It could be a person's house that has been there for a long time.
7. It might be the remains of an ancient civilization that was previously undiscovered.
8. It could be a group of Indians living there that were previously undiscovered.
9. It could be the worlds last remaining pair of dodo birds.
10. It could be the worlds last pair of saber tooth tiger that have adapted to living in the tropics.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Challenge 4

Blogging Challenge
Using Pictures in Posts

I used the pictures about fish mainly Koi and some general facts about them in a thing link. A thing link is basically an interactive image the offers information on the picture when you scroll of over a link link on this picture. I have never cited before and to me it is a new experience and I was shocked when I learned that all the picture I have taken off of Google or Bing for projects were actually illegal because I didn't cite them on the projects. I chose to do a thing link because to me they are really cool and interesting and I like how you just have to scroll over the little blips to see the information. I chose to do it on Koi because my grandma and grandpa have a Koi pond and the way the water lights up while the Koi are swimming is super pretty and cool and I happened to be thinking of Koi when Mrs. Neidlinger told us about challenge 4 . That is why I am doing my pictures on thing link and why I chose to do this project on Koi.
Here is the citation for my thing link picture- Photo Credit: <a href="">PinkPawprints</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a> 

Challenge 3

Student Blogging Challenge
Get Creative

I have just finished washing my clothes and found one sock that is now full of holes. I can’t use it as a sock, but list 10 other ways I could use the sock.
1. I could use it as a dry erase board wipe
2. I could use it as a carrying device for larger items
3. You could tie dye it
4. You could tie the socks together and give them to your dog to play with as long as the dog doesn't eat them
5. You could use it as a cleaning rag for various mechanical reasons
6. I could make a holey sock puppet
7. If you sew and the sock part that is intact is long you could used them as shirt sleeves
8. You could use it to clean things
9.You could have it as a wash rag for a toy or something
10.  You could use it as a onion holder

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blogging Challenge- Challenge 2

Blogging Challenge
Freedom of Choice

Since this is our first freedom of choice blog I chose to do mine on birds. The reason I chose to do this blog on birds, is because to me birds are the greatest creatures that God has ever created. My favorite domestic bird ever is the society finch.  The reason that the society finch is my favorite domestic bird is because the birds are small and even though they make a lot noise the sound very pretty not a consistent screeching like some birds. Another reason I like them is because even though they are messy eaters they are actually very neat and orderly when it comes to building a nest.
My favorite wild bird is the blue jay. The reason they are my favorite wild bird is that I absolutely love the color blue. The blue jays color is my favorite shade of blue. Another reason is that their eggs are a pale but pretty shade of blue.
Those are my two favorite birds both wild and domestic.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge

Student Blogging Challenge
Ten People I would most like to meet 
The first person I would like to meet would be Blake Shelton. The question that I would ask him would be "What is your favorite song that you have other wise?
The second person that I would like to meet would be Miranda Lambert. The question that I would ask her would be "Do you like being married to Blake Shelton"
The third person that I would meet would be Jason Aldean. The question that I would ask him would be "What is your favorite tour that you have ever been on?"
The fourth person that I would like to meet is Eric Church. The question that I would ask him would be "What is your favorite song that you have heard besides your own?"
The fifth person that I want to meet is Luke Bryan. The question that I would ask him is "Did you have fun on "The Farm Tour" in 2012?"
The sixth person that I want to meet is Brad Paisley. The question that I would ask him is "What is the best song that you have every sung?"
The seventh person that I really want to meet is Kenny Chesney. The question that I want to ask him is "Who is your best friend in the country music world?"
The eighth person I want to meet is is Reba McEntire. The question that I would ask her would be "Do you have fun on the show Reba?"
The ninth person I want to meet is Tim McGraw. The question that I would ask him is "Did you like hosting the CMA country music festival?"
The last group of people I want to meet are The Band Perry. The question that I would ask them is "Did you have fun recording the song Postcard from Paris?"

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Welcome to my Portfolio!

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.  ~Judy Garland

I like this quote because I used to try and make everybody that I knew happy and I was driving my self crazy or crazier than I already am finally I decided that I was going to be myself and if people didn't like it so be it, But enough about me. Welcome to my portfolio. This is a place where I put down all sorts of stuff that I learn about in my classes. In the tab called "Hattie's Hangout" that is were I put stuff that is personal to me. I also have a tab called "My Guest Book" where there are questions asking what your name is, How do you like my blog, and how did you find it. So that is my blog and please go and explore it and tell your friend about it to.